Minnesota Lottery Trademark

Since 1990, the lottery has generated OVER $3 billion for programs
that benefit our state. Learn more about where the money goes here.

From the cutting room floor

See more footage from our commercial over a billion dollars in the making.

Pollinators are important. That's why lottery dollars go to protect them and their habitats. From funding programs that educate people on how to create a bee-friendly flower garden to preserving prairie land - we're playing our part.
From mammals to reptiles, we love all of Minnesota's animals. Here are just a few of the many animal-friendly programs lottery dollars fund: Trout-Stream Management, Freshwater Turtle Conservation and Forest Bird Protection.
Did you know funds generated by the Minnesota Lottery protect trees from pests and diseases? It's true. For example, a current program involves implementing biocontrol of the emerald ash borer. Because we want more trees and less things that harm them.
We're playing our part to protect our state's water. From preventing groundwater contamination to rearing native mussels (because mussels are nature's water filters), we generate funds for all kinds of programs that keep our water clean, clear and pure.
Yes, nature can be beautiful. But only if it's taken care of. That's why we're so proud to have lottery dollars go to keeping our great outdoors great.
Our proceeds go to fund programs that preserve and protect our state's many, many lakes. From Abinodji to Zumbro, we want every one of our lakes to be the best it can be.